Ella Ward supports:
Education Funding For Chesapeake Schools
Economic Development and Job Creation
Revitalization of South Norfolk & Western Branch
Public Safety, Our Military, & Veterans
Improved Transportation & Regional Cooperation
Balanced Growth & Commercial Development
2022 Issues:
  • The need for the General Assembly to restore state funding for K-12 Education to pre-2009 levels
  • The need to diversify Chesapeake’s economy and the Hampton Roads regional economy to offset defense cuts that resulted from sequestration
  • The need to provide more local funding to support revitalization of South Norfolk and Western Branch boroughs
  • The need to improve transportation regionally especially the Route 17 (proposed I-87) Raleigh-Durham Connector
  • The need for increased incentives to attract more commercial development to help with balanced-growth
  • The need to expand broadband in Southern Chesapeake and throughout the region
  • The need for sustainability with respect to drainage, flooding, environmental protection, water quality and other areas that impact the quality of life for our citizens
  • The need for better usage and greater support for Port of Virginia